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The Fond du Lac was about the Retlaw Hotel, which is being renovated for $25 million this spring. Located in the heart of the city centre, it has 12 meeting rooms and an iconic crystal ballroom that can accommodate up to 400 people. You will find a variety of restaurants, the largest of which is the Grand Hotel, a 5,000 square meter restaurant and a bar with private dining room and a complete bar that can accommodate all groups of over 600 guests.

Denis explains: "At Hof Meuer, meeting planners can visit groups, eat local dishes prepared by gourmet chefs and visit the farm. Visitors can do goat yoga during the summer weekends, dine at private events and prepare meals prepared by James Beard, the farm's renowned chef, who returns to the area to offer other local dishes.

The third creative option for a meeting room is the Retlaw Hotel, just a few blocks from the hotel. We had the opportunity to roam the large open air space with an outdoor terrace overlooking the Milwaukee River and the Wisconsin River.

Two farm-to-table experiences are just a short drive north on Highway 151, LaClare Farms and Meuer Farm. Both houses, which are characterized by limited service, are often described as a unique experience for guests, offering an ideal setting for events of any size. The Fond du Lac properties offer a variety of options for events of all sizes, from business meetings to private dinners and special events.

The biggest attraction of the Fond du Lac is of course the largest lake in the country, which offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the season. When it comes to outdoor recreation, visitors can bring their families with them, whether they are attending a conference or meeting or just taking a day trip. Nearby Horicon Marsh offers sunset cruises and other outdoor activities for the hurried, and nearby Lake Superior State Park with its petting zoo and hiking trails brings visitors from around the world.

Molitor said the resort had undergone monumental changes in recent years, including the addition of the Retlaw Hotel, the first hotel in the Fond du Lac. The Retlaw Hotel has 121 rooms and offers a variety of amenities, including a spa, fitness and fitness centre and an indoor swimming pool.

The team identified four pillars that make up the overall design of the resort, including hotel, restaurant, retail and entertainment. Lake Winnebago is known for its award-winning seaside resort dinner club and THELMA, which brings concerts and art exhibitions to the lake area of the Fond du Lac Resort and Spa.

The Great Hall of the THELMA is a memorable venue, while Cafe 1906 is convenient as a training room and lunch table. At the foot of the iconic Lake Winnebago, Fond du Lac offers scenic views of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. I think it's stunning, but it's a shame that 70 percent of Wisconsin's population can get there within an hour's drive, "said Mark Schreiber, executive director of the Wisconsin Tourism Development Corporation, formerly known as the Lake Winne Bago Region. Another option is to meet with planners at Lake WneBago Resort and Spa, which is a two-hour drive from the resort.

Molitor took over the leadership of the organization nine years ago and has taken branding initiatives with the Wisconsin Tourism Development Corporation and the Fond du Lac Chamber of Commerce.

With the quality food offered by the main hotels and restaurants, it is nice to have a unique attraction for groups visiting the area. Mary Denis is the executive director of the Fond du Lac Tourism Development Corporation, which she said has spent the past decade studying convention trends and adapting the city's convention product to these trends. She knows that meeting planners seek face-to-face interaction and try to convey experiences to their participants. There are a number of ways in which participants can travel, which have become more common over the years, he said.

He believes that the city and the surrounding area offer an industry, and he believes that it fits the industry well. She said evening entertainment and nightlife in the downtown district have become a magnet for meetings and professionals.

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