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Given the many activities at the Fond du Lac, there is no justification for your trip to be boring. There are many places where your little ones can have fun, discover innovative exhibits and participate in fun learning activities. The Fonds-du-Lac Children's Museum is the largest children's museum in Wisconsin and one of the best in the country. You can enjoy hours of fun for $6 per person, or if you are a member of our existing Children's Museum, you can view our printable 2 for 1 admission voucher.

If you're planning a trip to Lakeside Park, don't forget to check out the Go Valley Kids website. If you visit the Fond du Lac while the flowers are in bloom, make sure you visit Lakesides Park. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the magnificent views of the glittering Fonds - du - Lac River and the majestic Lake Superior.

To get the current address of your phone and more information, click on the results to find out. Find out which emergency number is being dialled - in answers they are called and how often people can find them using the Fond du Lac Police mobile app.

For more ideas, visit the Fond du Lac Police website and the city's Facebook page. For more information on attractions and activities in the area, visit the city's official website, the FOND du lac website or the city's social media pages.

Take a walk back in time and learn about the history of the Fond du Lac County through historical society. In the town and in other towns and villages there are a variety of events and activities organized by the Historical Association.

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is the only museum dedicated to meat - dinosaurs in the United States and one of the world's largest collections of carnivorous theropods. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum at the Dinosaur Research Center in Fond du Lac County offers a variety of events and activities for children and adults, as well as exhibits on the history of dinosaurs and the evolution of food production and consumption in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosheesha has the largest collection of carnivorous dinosaur fossils and is part of a national network of museums dedicated exclusively to carnivorous dinosaurs and their evolution and evolution.

The Wild Goose State Trail is a 1.5 km (0.6 mile) trail in Fond du Lac County that connects the state's two largest lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. The trail starts in Chilton, leads to the lake, ends in Sherwood and goes via Fonding Du Lac, Oshkosh and Appleton. Other nearby golf courses include Lake of the Woods State Park in Kenosheesha County and the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin.

If you are on a day trip to Fond du Lac County or have time on your way to the park, take a minute to visit LaClare's Farm in Malone. Specialities include cheese, pastries, ice cream and a variety of dairy products. Kelley's Country Creamery is a short drive south of the parks and listed on the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection website as a local dairy farm. Another possibility is to meet with a planner at the Fonding Du Lac State Park Visitor Center on Saturday, June 4, at 9.30 a.m.

Regional tourist attractions include the Fond du Lac County Museum of Natural History and the Wisconsin Historical Society. The series takes place in Buttermilk Creek Park and features exhibits from regional and national museums as well as a variety of regional attractions. There are theater companies performing for the public, such as the Milwaukee Ballet, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the Milwaukee Public Theater.

Arriving in Fond du Lac in about 3 hours can be fun and relaxing, but family campers like to see what the nearby Kettle Moraine State Park has to offer. A family can enjoy a mini-holiday in Fonds du lac with their family and friends to hike, camp, fish and camp in the National Park for a few days. Family can also enjoy this mini holiday at Fond Du Lac with the family, with a few nights at the campsite and a day fishing or camping.

The Children's Museum of the Fond du Lac offers children of all ages a magical and educational journey through power games. Taste some of the best ice cream that the area has to offer, such as the Wisconsin Ice Factory, Ice Cream Shop and Ice Cream Shop.

Fond du Lac has a variety of attractions including a petting zoo, an aquarium, a children's museum and a museum of art and history.

The biggest attraction at the Fond du Lac is of course the largest inland lake in the country, which offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the season. Lake Winnebago is also a pleasure for boaters and stretches for about 30 miles from Fonds du lac to Appleton. In the fast-paced world of the US, it's not far, but it's about 165 miles outside the suburbs of Chicago. Its proximity makes it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway in summer or even a week-long holiday.

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