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The Fond du Lac is the perfect place for a fantastic getaway, just a short drive from Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes. Guaranteed buildable land is absolutely ideal and these secluded areas would be a great place for an ideal holiday home for your family or even yourself.

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More Wisconsin Farms for Sale in Wisconsin have more farms for sale than you can count, based on the latest land and farm data. Here you will find more than 1,000 farms and farms - to - farms in the Fond du Lac. Use our map to find out if you are building for sale, rental or a place you want to go, or contact the seller to find the perfect house for you. All real estate sales data on this website is provided in part by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Farm animals include cattle, horses, sheep and goats, as well as poultry, ducks, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats and sheep.

The total area of farms for sale in Wisconsin is 35,230 hectares, with an average list size of 164 hectares.

The average land rating, as measured by the NCCPI, is 54 and Fond du Lac County ranks 44th in the state with an average rating of 52.5 out of 100 possible points. The total area of the land is 2,843 hectares, or 1.2 percent of the total area of the county, and the average land valuation is 54.

In 2018, the Fond du Lac County, WI, had an average land valuation of $102,082,000, or $1,843 per acre, and the county is home to a population of about 2,500 people, about 1.5 percent of the state's total population. In 2017 and 2018, the total number of homes in the county with net assets of more than $100 million increased from 102,092 to 102 315.0, from 101,071.0 in 2017 to 101,062 in 2018. Since its inception in 1870, the county has been home to many of the largest and most successful real estate companies in Wisconsin.

Fond Du Lac Real Estate is home to one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in the state of Wisconsin, Fond du Lac Real Estate, which is also headquartered in Sheboygan, Co., WI, which is located about 35 minutes from Milwaukee. Benvenuto's has been a Wisconsin-owned and managed company since 1996, providing quality food and services at everyday prices. The property is set on a 6 acre meadow surrounded by ancient forest and is known for its scenic views of Lake Superior and the Wisconsin River. It also offers a feed area for deer and turkeys, an outdoor dining area and a restaurant with farm and table.

We are a full service real estate company representing buyers and sellers in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, with offices in Sheboygan, Co., WI and Milwaukee, WI. We offer residential, commercial, banking, residential and commercial properties in the Milwaukee area.

Let us help you find the perfect place for you and use our detailed property filters to find your perfect property. Search by state, view all available properties in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin and Milwaukee, WI, or search for a specific property in the Milwaukee area or in any other state.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying or selling a property in western Wisconsin. By contacting or writing to the Register of Deeds in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, or any other county in the United States, you may apply for a property for your property, which you can request from the Register of Deeds of FOND du lac. You can also contact me directly by e-mail or by calling our toll-free number 1 - 888 - 762 - 4357.

The average price of a recently listed Wisconsin farm is about $156 million, with an average price of $692,271. We have information from Fond du Lac County and know of a number of farms in western Wisconsin that are being sold, but we have no information about them.

The average price of a farm for sale in Fond du Lac County is about $146 million, with the average price of farms for sale being $615,716. LandWatch recently looked at the price per acre of farmland in Wisconsin, and based on the latest data from Lands of America, which is roughly the national average of $1.2 billion.

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