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With the peak of color just around the corner, it's the perfect time to take off your woolly jumpers and engage in one of the most family-friendly fall activities the region has to offer. Autumn is the ideal time to visit the Fond du Lac County Farm, where you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors and spectacular views of Lake Superior. Highlights of the visit to the farm include feeding the goats (25 cents for the feed) and milking at 4.30 pm from the cattle market.

In fine weather, climb the 70-foot Columbia Park Tower and combine it with a drink, but if it's too nice to go back in, head to the lighthouse. The park, built in the late 19th century, offers views of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes. Lakeside Park L Lighthouse, which opens on October 15, is an iconic place to visit and a great place for a family stroll along the coast.

The "Pass to the World" exhibition allows children to travel from Lake Winnebago to Italian pizzerias and the African savannah. The museum takes children on a journey through the history of the United States, from the Civil War to World War II and from Africa to Asia.

New to the list of activities is a 1,200-foot-long zip line that travels at 60 miles per hour. Two participants race on a wooden platform (pictured below) in a Road Go go-kart race. Activities include "Road Go - Karts" (photo above and below), climbing walls, a driving range and more. In addition to the road go-karts, two participants will take part in a cross-country race on wooden platforms (see photos below).

US 151 has made its first visit to Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin in recent years, with the opening of the Fonduulac County Fairgrounds in 2010.

In the retail shop visitors will find artisanal farm cheese made from goat, cow and sheep milk. Speaking of food, the adjacent Mancino's restaurant has one of the best gluten-free pizzas I've ever had, as well as a wide selection of artisanal cheeses and pastries.

Kelley's Country Creamery was featured in the national media frenzy on Good Morning America and rated the best ice cream parlor in Wisconsin by USA Today. You may have seen her family - a coffee maker that is one of the best places in the country to get ice cream. Or maybe you saw them named "the best" ice cream in Wisconsin by USA Today, but you probably didn't see them when their own magazine called them "the best place in this country" for ice cream.

The Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts has opened its doors and it is a unique space. This summer, families will have access to a full-fledged arts and crafts center for children and families in Fond du Lac County.

In addition to road racing, Road America offers driving schools and other nearby courses, including the Fond du Lac County High School Road Race Course. Group adventures range from geocaching to karting, and attract visitors to New York, California and even the US Virgin Islands. It is unique in that it is owned not by the state or the federal government, but by a private company.

At the federal level, the Fund du Lac falls within the 6th Congressional District of Wisconsin and is represented by Glenn Grothman. It is also represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Republican John Conyers (D-WI) and in the Wisconsin Senate by Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Wis.). It has a theater group performing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and other local theaters and theatres for the public.

Regional tourist attractions include the Wisconsin State Fair, the Milwaukee County Museum of Natural History and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The series takes place in Buttermilk Creek Park and offers concerts, concerts and other events throughout the year.

Lake Winnebago is considered the best in the Midwest for unique water sports, and the summer months are also a time for windsurfing. Fond du Lac also hosts the Walleye Weekend, an annual summer festival that focuses on fishing and fishing on Lake Ozarks, a popular destination for anglers and swimmers.

Lake Winnebago stretches for about 30 miles from Fond du Lac to Appleton and is also a delight for boaters. The location is quite idyllic with gentle hills, lakes and lake parks and a beautiful lakeside area.

Whether you're watching a movie on the sprawling outdoor patio or listening to music from local bands like the Fond du Lac Symphony Orchestra, you'll want to stop by again and again. Entertainment at Fonds du lac comes in all shapes and sizes, from the big events like Walleye Weekend to the smaller ones like the Great Lakes Music Festival and Lake Winnebago Festival. These events keep the city's reputation as one of Wisconsin's premier entertainment destinations alive.

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